Beyond Oasis Classic

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Platform : ,
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Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated for 3+
Size : 186MB

Sega had bought the platform gaming into the app world. It has the controls on the screen like your playing Sega. The Prince discovers a gold armlet that was a powerful wizards. It has the power to summon four spirits. The spirits are water, fire, shadow and plant. The Prince travels from world to world trying to find all four spirits and along the way collects items. The Prince collects items to replenish his health, use magic, weapons to defeat the enemies. There are many different weapons such as swords, cross bows, bombs. Each spirit is summoned by the Light Ball (A Button) and is sent away by tapping A, B, and C at the same time or when the magic meter runs out. You will find that you can only access the spirits when their element is near you. Like water, there would need to be a water source to summons this spirit and so on. The game reminded me of the game The Legend of Zelda. If you sign up to google you can pay to get no ads. In Japan, the game is known as The Story of Thor. The graphics are very much similar to the Sega itself which could have been improved a little but it’s an enjoyable game play. You will find the A button is not usable at the beginning as its only used once you find the first spirit as its to summons the spirit to assist with fighting enemies. I enjoyed playing this game and I haven’t played a Sega game in a long time. I miss the ease and simplicity of the Sega games. This definitely is a favourite of mine.