Hole in One Golf

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Platform : ,
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Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated for 3+
Size : 74MB

This golf game is 2D. It is like playing an arcade game but with better graphics. It has ads however they are short. You watch a video to get a life. You touch and hold the screen until you want to let go. It has a timer which provides a shorter game. It has a number of different venues which cost coins. You get coins when you play by getting the ball in the hole. You can also get coins if you hit the coin whilst taking the shot. Easy to use, great for the kids. It’s like a mini golf game. I loved the game. I love playing Tiger Woods on PS4. Although it’s only 2D it is really great fun. The game has different levels and as long as you get in the hole you move up in levels. As soon as you miss the hole, it’s back to level 1. It makes you want to keep trying to get further in the levels but is not about how many levels it’s about the coins to get new gifts. I believe for some people it may get boring as time goes on but initially a bit addictive.