Super Star Head Soccer

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Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated for 3+
Size : 157MB

Well this Football game is great.  I flipped passed this game many a times as I thought it was going to be too hard to play.  It was easy although I always kicked the ball into the other person’s goal,  I thoroughly enjoyed playing.  I couldn’t even stop playing it to write this review but I wanted to tell everyone about this great game.  I loved soccer as a kid but only played it once in a team and then only for the school.  The graphics are great.  You have different avatars, a shop to purchase gaming items,  more games link where I found quiet a few games.  The last game I played the other opponent grew in size and made it difficult for me to get ball over his head.  I was impressed by the winnings board.  It has three levels easy,  medium and hard. When you first go into the game it is set to medium so if you are not confident you may need to go to settings and change level.  Overall, I can not fault this game and absolutely loved playing the game more than I can say. Give it a try yourself and you won’t be disappointed.